The basis of humanistic counselling looks towards the creativity, resourcefulness and tendency towards growth that is in everyone.

Counselling is an empowering process in which a person is helped to take control of their life, fulfil their potential and have an increased sense of well being. The counselling relationship provides an environment in which to explore often difficult issues and combined with EFT or on its own counselling can be a powerful tool for change.

Counselling Supervision

Working from a Humanistic model I use concepts and skills from different counselling sources to provide an integrated and flexible approach. I have experience working in the NHS and have supervised groups and individuals addressing a wide variety of issues in both long term and brief work.


Initial consultation - No Charge.
Counselling 1 hour  - 35.00
Counselling Supervision 11/2 hours - 45.00 - 20% discount students or low wage etc